My new book has been published

I’ve been super busy for the last few months and unfortunately had to ignore updating this blog. I was busy finishing my new book called “WHAT and HOW Does This Child See?” – a book I co-wrote with Namita Jacob. I’m excited about this book as it features a collection of my lectures over the last 35 years regarding the assessment of Visual Functioning for Development and Learning. You can check out the link on my homepage where you will be able to see the contents of the book. If you would like to order a copy, the book is being sold by Good-Lite.The book also comes with a special disc that includes the full text of the book, the examination videos mentioned in the book as well as PowerPoint lectures covering each of the chapters. 

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5 responses to “My new book has been published

  1. terese pawletko

    congratulations on this important publication/offering!

  2. Is this book something that would be useful to a parent like myself, who wants to learn as much as possible about her child’s vision and development? Or is this more for vision professionals? When you refer to vision rehabilitation, is this similar or the same as “vision therapy”? Thank you very much! I wish you could be my daughter’s ophthalmologist. But alas, we’re in Seattle, WA USA.

    • Liisa Hyvarinen Temple

      Dear Amber – my Mom’s book is a great resource for parents as well as vision professionals. You can order it through Good-Lite, our printer. Sorry for the late reply; we are in the process of moving. If you more information, please email me at and I will forward it to my Mom.
      Liisa Hyvarinen Temple
      Dr. Hyvarinen’s daughter

  3. I am so excited to find this blog and the information you’ve shared. Our youngest was adopted at 4.5 years of age in 2010. We knew she had been born with congenital cataracts and Down syndrome. The cataracts were removed at one year of age and she wore glasses in the orphanage. When we arrived in the US we took her to a local opthamologist and received inferior care. I am thankful they didn’t have frames to fit her which caused us to take her to our optometrist who then suggested we take her to Emory in Atlanta Ga. While there we learned her prescription was incorrect and that her corrected vision is still considered legally blind. ( all surgeries put on hold ) I wish there was a way we could let you check her and see what your opinion is. I am thinking this book may offer valuable information for us. Thank you again.

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